2018 Ride – More Money to Charities

This year the organising committee have decided to change the split of fund raising, so that 80% of every pound raised through direct donations is paid to the teams’ charities. The other 20% will go to the Village Hall fund.

This means that even more of the money you raise will go to your chosen charity, and we hope this will encourage even more teams to enter, meaning more money will be raised at this fantastic community event. So please consider whether you can form a team, or simply join one. It could be a team from your workplace, your sports club, church, as well as the usual school teams.

As well as taking part as a team captain or rider, we are always looking for volunteers to help either on the weekend, or to join the organising committee. It’s a great way to meet other people in the village, and actively support one of the two community events that makes Crudwell stand out. Please contact a member of the committee, or via this website under We Need You!