Team Registration

All team captains must be aged 18 or over and willing to take responsibility for all the riders in their team. This applies to U16 and U11 teams as well as adult teams. The U16 and U11 team age limits only apply to the ages of the registered riders in those categories.

Fill in the following and an acknowledgement will be sent.

Confirmation that your team has been accepted will then be sent to you, at which time your riders will be able to register through EventBrite. Your riders cannot register until this confirmation has been received.

You will also receive details of your team site on VirginGiving, enabling you to start raising money as a team. We encourage each team to raise a minimum of £200 in sponsorship.

N.B. The terms U18 and U11 refer to school years - i.e. U18 refers to riders who were 16 or under on the 31/8/17 (current Y11 or below), U11 refers to riders who were 11 or under on 31/8/17 (current Y6 or below).

(80% of the sponsorship raised will go to your chosen charity)

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I authorise the Crudwell Village Hall & Recreation Ground charity (CVHRG) to use this data for the registration and administration of this team in the 2018 Crudwell ‘Le Mans’ 24 hour Bike Ride.

I accept my team’s adherence to the Event Rules of the 2018 Crudwell ‘Le Mans’ 24 hour Bike Ride and acknowledge the requirement to provide a marshal if my team size is made up of more than ten riders.