The Crudwell 24 Hour ‘Le Mans’ Bike Ride is an annual event organised by the Crudwell Village Hall fundraising committee. It started in 1990 to raise funds for the construction of the Village Hall, and since then has continued to provide funds not only for the maintenance and improvement of the hall, but also for charities nominated by the competing teams.

Event Format

The event runs over 24 hours (midday Saturday to midday Sunday) around the village of Crudwell in Wiltshire. There is a circular route, of approx 7 miles, using the lanes around Crudwell, Long Newton, Ashley and Chedglow. The route starts and finishes at the Village Hall. Teams have riders riding a relay format (one rider at a time from each team) to see who can raise the most sponsorship and who can complete the most laps within the 24 hour time period.

Importantly, this is a family oriented fun event – it is not a bicycle race, it is a bicycle ride. Whilst we love people being enthusiastic, the roads are not closed and the safety of all of our riders is always prioritised over any competitive angle.

We welcome and encourage riders of all ages, including family groups. There are three categories of teams

  • Adult
  • U16  (School Years 7 to 11)
  • U11  (School Year 6 and below)

You are of course welcome to ride for a team in an age category above your own, however the team category is defined by the oldest rider. Please refer to the event rules for the precise definitions.

Fund Raising

First and foremost this is a fund raising event. Each rider pays a fee to register (with discounts for early booking, and for the school year categories) and this primarily goes to covering the costs of the event.

Teams then collect sponsorship (ideally via JustGiving). Money made through sponsorship is divided between the team captain’s nominated charity and the Village Hall 80/20 respectively. We request that each team aims to raise at least £200.

The event is run entirely by volunteers in order to raise funds for charity. If teams are not raising sponsorship then the event fails to be viable.

Team Captain

The team captain is responsible for registering their team and for ensuring that their team sponsorship total is met. They are also responsible for the conduct of their team during the course of the weekend.

Camping pitches are available at the recreation ground for teams to set up tents and headquarters during the weekend.


All riders must be affiliated to a team and must register before they can ride. The only way to register is online. There are discounts available for riders who register two or more weeks beforehand.

Riders must ensure that they abide by the event rules and the highway code at all times. Failure to do so may result in penalties being awarded to your team.

Please remember that this a family fundraising event and that there will be riders of all ages and abilities on the course. Please ride within the spirit of the event and show care and consideration to fellow riders.


In order to ensure the safety of riders, we position marshals at each of the junctions on the course. To do so is a massive undertaking (we require around 120 marshal slots to be filled – all from volunteers).

We ask that any team with more than 10 riders provide at least one marshal to help cover the weekend. This helps ensure that we are able to run the event.

Please read the Marshal Info page for further details.

Trophies and Prizes

There are a number of awards available over the course of the weekend. These are:

  • Millennium Cup –  awarded to the team that raises the most sponsorship by 31st July
  • 2nd place shield – awarded to the team that raises the second highest sponsorship by 31st July
  • 3rd place shield – awarded to the team that raises the third highest sponsorship by 31st July
  • The Crudwell Cup – awarded to the team that completes the most laps over the 24 hours
  • The U16 Crudwell Cup – awarded to the U16 team that completes the most laps over the 24 hours
  • The U11 Crudwell Cup – awarded to the U11 team that completes the most laps over the 24 hours
  • The Skids Trophy – awarded to an individual rider for outstanding achievement or originality, on or off the course
  • The Sportsmanship Trophy – awarded for being a good sport, on or off the course.