Rider Info

First and foremost the Bike Ride is a fund raising event; it is a NOT a race, nor does it happen on closed roads.

All riders must ride for a registered team. Your Team Captain is responsible for registering the Team and running the Team on the day.

For full details of the event, please see the General info and Overview pages.

Riders are expected to behave within the spirit of the event and not put themselves, fellow riders or other road users at risk nor seek to gain unfair advantage over other riders during the event. Failure to do so could result in penalties for the rider and team. Please make sure you have read the Event Rules prior to the event.

Click here to read the Emergency procedures for Riders participating in the event.


Rider Requirements and Rules

  • All riders must check in before riding, and their wristband ID will be provided.
  • All riders must wear helmets, their wristband ID and their team reflective vest provided.
  • All riders must observe national lighting up times and must have working lights front and rear.
  • Riders must observe the appropriate Highway Code, it is ultimately their own responsibility to ensure they are abiding within traffic regulations. (For further information on the Highway Code applicable to cyclists, please see Highway Code Rules for Cyclists.)

If you fail to observe these rules, you will not be allowed to participate.

In addition, all riders must comply with any instructions given by the marshals or event organisers. The organisers reserve the right to deduct laps or impose other penalties as they see fit.

Rider Registration

You need to complete the rider registration including acceptance that participation in the event is at your own risk. The entry fee is as follows:

Registration Date By 5th June From 6th June
Adults £20 £25
Under 16* £15 £18
Under 11* £10 £12

*U16 and U11 refer to riders aged under 16 and 11 on the 31st August of the year preceding the bike ride (therefore correlating to current school years 11 and below, and current year 6 and below respectively). Riders may ride for teams in an older age category, but not in a team in a younger age category.


Riders are asked to raise sponsorship for their team’s chosen charity, preferably through JustGiving but a paper sponsor form is also available. The Millennium Cup is presented to the team which raises the most sponsorship and there are other awards too. We are asking each team to raise at least £200, thus being able to make a worthwhile donation of at least £160 to their chosen charity.

You can still download the paper sponsorship form to record sponsorship and pledges. Please bring this with you on the day and hand it over at the Registration Area where it will be recorded and returned to you. After the event, your Team Captain is responsible for collecting from all team members any money raised from paper sponsorship forms and forwarding this to the Treasurer for distribution to the nominated charities by the given date.

Your Team Captain has the responsibility to coordinate the return of your team’s paper sponsorship forms and money raised. All sponsorship should be submitted through JustGiving or to the organisers via Team Captains by 31st July.


The route starts and finishes at Crudwell Village Hall and goes clockwise past Church Farm (at Long Newton), towards Ashley, into Chedglow and then back to the Village Hall. See below for a Google Maps view of the route. Garmin users can also download a GPX file and Google Earth users can download a KMZ file of the route.

Here is a map of the course with the marshal points numbered and marked – you can click on the map for a larger version if required:

Course Map (with marshal points)