Becoming a marshal

Thinking about being a marshal?

A huge part of the success in the Bike Ride are the marshals. We need marshals to make sure that the event runs smoothly, to inform the control centre about any issues and make sure that the riders are enjoying the event in a safe and secure manner.

We do have to comply with our insurance obligations. We are required to have sufficient marshals in place for the full 24 hours of the event. These are positioned at key road junctions and at the start and the finish.

So that the Bike Ride can run in the most effective way, we need

  • cover for 8 marshal points, two of which require two marshals
  • each marshal to do a two hour slot
  • to have a total of 120 marshals over the event to ensure each marshal post is continually manned.

The task is not onerous. All our marshals are conscious of their responsibility, their encouragement frequently benefits the riders and all adds to the fun of the  event, and they are a fundamental part of the safety and success of the whole event. You’re in radio contact with control throughout your time in place.

There’s more detail and explanation on the Marshal Info page.

Many of our marshals come back year after year but we are always looking for more help. If you would like to get involved please contact us