What happens if I lose my wristband?

You will not be able to ride another circuit until you have obtained a replacement wristband from Registration in the Village Hall. The band is unique to you as the number on it allows us to both identify you and access the contact details for your nominated contact or guardian in the event of an emergency.

This is the first time I have taken part in the Bike Ride. How do I find out about the route?

We strongly suggest you study details of the route on the plan. This is on the website, and in the administration area of the Village Hall over the event weekend. If you have the chance, ride the route in advance of the weekend to familiarise yourself with it, and remember that on the weekend itself marshals are positioned at each road junction to guide you. There is a Google Maps version here.

Why must I wear the hi-viz jacket given out to the team instead of my own?

As you will see when the event is underway, and you’re ready to do your first circuit, there’s a custom made pocket on the back of the jacket allocated to the team. This holds the card that is used to record each circuit you complete of the Bike Ride. Two jackets are given out to each team. We have smaller sizes suitable for the younger teams too, so the allocated vests should be comfortable to wear regardless of age group.

If I am cycling on the first lap, how can I make sure I receive my wristband in time?

Providing you arrive at Registration in the Village Hall in plenty of time on the opening Saturday, you can be registered early and receive your wristband. Registration opens at 10:00 am.

As a Team Captain, can I collect the wristbands for other team members?

No, we must hand the wristband to each individual rider to comply with our legal obligations.

What happens if I get a puncture on the way around the course?

We have a Circuit Safety van operating around the course for the full 24 hours of the event, which will come to your aid should this happen. Just ask the next passing rider to alert the next marshal they pass and details will be radioed back to the event caravan.

What is the average time needed to complete the 7 mile circuit?

The times can vary from under 20 minutes for the very fast teams, to up to an hour for younger riders but the sense of achievement is great whatever your lap time!

Can I ride for more than one team?

Once registered, you can ride for as many teams as you wish – you only pay the registration fee once. All you have to decide is which team’s charity will benefit from your effort and fundraising sponsorship.

If I am accompanying a younger rider, do I have to register as well?

No, only the rider wearing the team’s dedicated vest has to register, accompanying adults do not need to pay to ride alongside children. However, should you wish to ride for an adult team in your own right as well as accompanying, you will need to register.

Can several riders from the same team ride the same lap simultaneously?

For safety reasons, we strongly discourage this as there can be a large number of riders on the circuit at any one time. Also, it is in the best interest of your team that your energy is saved for subsequent laps!