Photo Policy

Photo Policy


Photographs or videos on any of the Crudwell Village Hall websites are there to enhance the site.


While there are currently no legal restrictions in the UK on the use of photographs taken in public places of members of the public the Village Hall committee is sensitive to the fact that there are social concerns around photographs being publicly displayed and that sometimes individuals may not wish their own image or those of their children to be displayed on one of our websites.

Most of the photographs used will be displayed as backdrops or general pictures without any specific reference to individuals. Sometimes they may be used in an article where the photograph has a specific meaning, in which case the text may well include a name or other details as appropriate to the content of the article. If you think that you want a photograph removed we would encourage you to consider carefully as to whether there is an issue before asking for its removal. If after consideration you would still like to have it removed, then please contact us through the contact page and we will arrange for the removal of the photograph from the site.


Photographs are only used where we believe that permission to use them has been granted by the copyright owner or the Village Hall owns the copyright.

If you are a copyright owner and you believe that we have infringed copyright, please use the contact page in the first instance to notify us so that we can correct this.