Marshal Info

Marshal Information

Without marshals we simply cannot run the event, so thank you for signing up! Please read this important information so that you understand your role in the event.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Ensure the safety of the riders at your checkpoint.
  2. Act as liaison back to control.
  3. Be an emergency point of contact.

Rider Safety

Your position is important as it is where we have identified that there is a hazard (such as a junction). Please ensure that you are available at all times to advise riders if there is a hazard (such as an approaching car). As riders approach your position, at the very least identify to them if there is an approaching vehicle (with a loud shout “STOP!” and a clear hand signal). Riders will also appreciate a verbal and visual indication if there are no hazards “Clear!”. You may also wish to advise riders if you are aware of a hazard that they will be approaching (such as a vehicle travelling in the wrong direction).

Please remember that you have no legal authority to stop traffic and cars are not obliged to stop for riders if they have right of way. However, if you feel confident, you may wish to advise drivers that there is a bicycle event taking place, especially if they are planning to travel counter to the direction of the course.

You are authorised to request participants to stop at your checkpoint if they do not have correct lighting, helmets or otherwise are breaking the rules of the event.

Liaison to Control

You will be provided with a handheld radio which you must keep with you at all times in order to liaise with the control caravan. Please address your communications with the name of your marshal point (e.g. “Ashley to Control”).

Examples of information that you may need to relay to control:

  • Rider injured or in distress.
  • Potential hazards (e.g. tractor travelling in the wrong direction).
  • Problems with lighting or the road surface.
  • Participants without helmets or lights, or otherwise riding contrary to the rules of the event.

Emergency Point of Contact

Each marshal point is equipped with a first aid kit from which you may give supplies to riders who are injured. If you are not a qualified first aider, then you will not be expected or required to administer first aid yourself.

In the event of an emergency, your first course of action should be to radio control for medical assistance. If, and only if, it is safe for you to do so then you should provide what assistance to riders that you can.

Course Map

Please see below a map of the bike ride route, with the marshal points numbered and marked – you can click on the map for a larger version if required:

Course Map (with marshal points)